First, it was going to be a brand new Gander Mountain location. Then, the company announced financial struggles and the building sat empty. Then Camping World saved Gander and said they planned on opening the new store along Blairs Ferry Road in Cedar Rapids. But those plans fell through too. Finally, the nicest empty building in town will be filled.

Rockwell Collins has announced that it has signed a lease with Hunter Companies for the building. What was once going to be 52,000 square feet of fun for outdoor enthusiasts, will now be the new home for Rockwell's Childhood Development Center. The companies current childhood center is located at Northland Ave. NE.

A company spokesperson for Rockwell Collins says that plans to renovate the building will begin soon and that they hope to have the new center open at the start of 2019. I'm just happy that such a nice, new building will finally be used! Think of all the space those kids will have to play!


[via KCRG]

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