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I've always loved the German Shephard breed. They are an extremely intelligent and loyal breed of dog. You honestly don't see them in shelters very often. But we got to meet one this week for Furry Friday. Her name is Nala and she would love for you to be her new forever home!

Nala is around four years old. She was rescued by Safe Haven of Iowa County after spending time at another shelter. As you can tell by her picture, Nala surely is at least part German Shephard. Those long ears and long snout give it away. Those smart, darting eyes, checking you out are a dead giveaway too. When she was rescued and brought to Safe Haven, they noticed that Nala was limping. After having an x-ray it was found that Nala has hip dysplasia. It is a fairly common ailment for the breed, but it sure doesn't slow her down!

Nala gets along with other dogs just fine and loves to hang out on the couch. Despite her hip issue, she is still an active dog that loves to get some exercise! Nala is currently at Safe Haven of Iowa County. Check out their website for more pictures and details on how to start the adoption process! You won't be disappointed! Nala is one sweet girl who deserves some love in her life!

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