On Saturday morning (June 17), after eleven days in court, the Pennsylvania judge presiding over Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial declared a mistrial.

Judge Steven O'Neill's decision follows reports that the jury — comprised of five women and seven men — were unable to come to a unanimous decision. The jurors reportedly spent more than 50 hours deliberating over six days, ultimately resulting in a deadlock, according to CNN.

Prosecutors announced that they will retry the case.

Gloria Allred, the representing attorney for many of Cosby's accusers, told the press that she hopes the court will allow other witnesses to testify at the next trial.

"If the court allows more accusers to testify...it might make a difference. In other words, it's too early to celebrate Mr. Cosby," Allred stated.

Following the mistrial announcement, actress, activist and director Lena Dunham spoke out about the decision on Twitter, writing, "Bill Cosby's trial is about much more than Bill Cosby. When women see justice served, their own fear & trauma are eased. When they don't..."

"Survivors of sexual assault have to watch every day as the legal system calls them liars and denies their truth. It is an unimaginable grind," she added.

During deliberations, the jury reportedly asked twelve questions about the case, including asking what "reasonable doubt" meant on Friday (June 16), indicating that there may have been some confusion among the jurors.

On Thursday, the jury announced that they were unable to come to a "unanimous decision beyond a reasonable doubt," a requirement in criminal cases. O'Neill subsequently asked the jurors to re-deliberate under the Spencer Charge, a "set of instructions that asks jurors to re-examine their own views and opinions," according to CNN.

Cosby faced three charges of aggravated sexual assault. Prosecutors claim that the actor drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constant at his Philadelphia home in January 2004. Cosby pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Stay tuned as this story continues to develop...

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