Earlier this week, the Gazette reported that a federal judge ordered the state of Iowa to halt the enforcement of a new law preventing local school boards from making masks mandatory in the classroom.

Since then districts have been met with making the choice of whether or not to require masks in the classroom. Tuesday, the Cedar Rapids Community School District decided that they "will require masks for all students, staff and visitors" both during the school day and for activities "beyond the school day" as well. That took effect Wednesday, September 15. Now, Benton Commuinty Schools has made a decision on the matter.

According to KCRG, Benton Community School leaders had a board meeting Wednesday in which they unanimously voted to NOT mandate masks in class. The district does continue to monitor COVID cases. Over the past three weeks, 17 students have tested positive.

KCRG reports that Benton Community board members have also expressed that they want to "wait until the judge lifts the temporary order and gives a final decision." As of now, both staff and students can choose whether or not they want to wear a mask. Clear Creek-Amana schools were on the same page as Benton, and will also not require masks to be worn in the classroom.

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