The City of Cedar Rapids sent a press release this afternoon (January 15) alerting the public of a new scam targeting local residents.

A representative from Alliant Energy called the Cedar Rapids Police Department to inform them of a new scam. How does the scam work? Well, apparently "a person calls the residence saying that the electricity will be turned off in 30 minutes if the resident does not pay an outstanding bill. Then, the resident is given a 1-800 number to call.  When the resident calls this number, it is answered by someone who identifies themselves as an employee from Alliant Energy." It may sound convincing and legitimate, but don't fall for it. THIS IS A SCAM.

Alliant Energy is advising the public to NOT give personal information or complete any money transaction over the phone. It's better to be safe, than fall victim to a scammer. For more information or if you have any concerns, please contact Alliant Energy directly.

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