As a KHAK listener, you know we give away lots of prizes. I mean a ton of stuff. Hundreds upon hundreds of concert tickets, movie tickets, and countless other things each and every year. So how do you win those contests? Depending on the game, it can help to know certain things. For instance, being a big fan of a particular singer can give you a HUGE advantage if we're playing a song-related game. When it comes to the Impossible Question, it can be just plain luck or that you're an expert at understanding Brain and Courtlin's clues.

We get asked all types of different questions at the station, but at the top of the list is both a statement and a question. It goes something like this: "I can never get through! Is there a secret?" I can tell you this, there's one thing that won't help you win. I did this short video to explain it.

There you have it. Patience can pay off. So, just wait for the next time we tell you when to call in and win and be ready to dial. Your luck is bound to change.

And if you think you'll just never get through, there's still the Cash Code (there's still a week-plus of winning to go!) paying up to $5,000 three times each weekday and we are also always giving away prizes here on our website.

Good luck and thank you so much for listening!

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