How do you get a baby to stop crying? Play a Blake Shelton song.

That's right, perhaps the new magic elixir to stop all baby anger lies in the sweet voice of a country superstar. In a recent YouTube video posted by Living Life Challenge, a baby girl is seen crying directly into the camera until Shelton's song, "God Gave Me You," saves the day.

When the song begins, the baby pulls a complete 180, halting all cries, loading up on smiles and bobbing her head as if she's in the front row at his concert.

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It's been well-documented that Shelton has a good connection with the three children of his steady love Gwen Stefani, but this baby takes Shelton love to another level. Believe it or not, this little bundle of joy isn't the first baby on YouTube to be calmed down by a Shelton jam as this video shows the same result, with Shelton's hit "Gonna" transforming mad baby to glad baby.

Do all kids automatically love Blake Shelton? Between Stefani's children and these two ankle biters, we know he's got at least five future fans.

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