Ashton Kutcher is reaching out to younger Americans and trying to help them solve the issue of debt. Not just a little debt, but the crushing amount that plagues so many especially after paying for their college education. Kutcher is one of the producers of a show on Crackle called 'Going From Broke.' Season two is available to stream for free now. Here was the trailer for season one of the show.

In a recent interview with, Kutcher says that like most people his age, he was never taught what he likes to call financial literacy. The basics. How to spend, how to save, and how to properly manage debt. Kutcher goes on to say that "had it not been for me getting extraordinarily lucky, I'd probably be in the exact situation as a lot of these folks."

That situation is debt. Staggering amounts of debt. The U.S. consumer debt is at $14.9 trillion, with the average household carrying over $5,000 in debt. The show 'Going From Broke' features financial interventions with young people who are struggling with large amounts of debt. The goal of the show is to get people to understand and respect issues of personal finance.

Kutcher told Entrepreneur that money is fundamentally like a drug, and that there is a lot of ego tied to wealth and material things. He says, "you've got to let go of your ego and your self-identity that is tied to money and materialism. That's a very hard thing to do." 

Season 2 of 'Going From Broke' is available now on Crackle.

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