With the amazing weather we're experiencing this holiday weekend, who wouldn't want to spend some time hanging outside on the patio? But most people would leave that patio pretty quickly if they saw this unwelcome visitor stride in!

KCRG reports that a black bear was caught on roaming through a backyard in the Dyersville area in the early morning hours on Friday. The surveillance video shows the black bear striding through the yard which is reportedly near Candy Cane Park. Perhaps the bear was simply looking for some sweats?

Back in April, KCRG reported another black bear sighting in Eastern Iowa, on a trail cam near Sherill, Iowa. After that report was confirmed the Iowa Department of Natural Resources warned Iowans that black bear sightings were likely to go up. The DNR told KCRG that due to rising bear populations in neighboring states, bear sightings in Iowa were going to go up as many of these bears roam around looking for food. DNR officials say because of that it is very important for Iowans to learn how to live with bears. Keep grills cleaned and put away, and put away bird feeders too.

KCRG reports that DNR officials have not confirmed if it is the same bear wandering around northeast Iowa, but do confirm it is another confirmed sighting of a black bear in Dubuque County. Bears are amazing animals and I'd love to see one someday...from a distance! Not next to my grill!

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