So a few years back...I'll call it 10...the wife and I took our daughter up to the Wisconsin Dells for a weekend.

It was the worst vacation ever.  I'm not sure why we thought a 2-year-old would just, ya know, "fall asleep" while we were in some strange hotel room. We find this out, of course, after a good couple of hours of my "vacation drinking" and now I just want to pass out.

Nope...not tonight.  I instead have to ride shotgun in our minivan to try while my wife drives around the Dells at 2 am to try and calm down our crazy kid.

So, the next day we sleep in till around 7 am.  So, we had a good 4 hours of hard sleep.  It's time to hit the zoo!  It's hot.  It's big.  It's a LOT of walking. We're all cranky.  We stop into the safari portion of the zoo to watch a reptile get passed around like it's show & tell.

Then we get to the giraffe exhibit.  Time to feed the we climb up the 2-story wooden stair enclosure with a handful of quarters to feed the vending machine in order to feed the giraffe.

My daughter says something to my wife...who leans down to hear what she said. She took her eyes off of the giraffe. Bad mistake. The giraffe headbutts my wife who almost falls to her knees. She at this point is ready to leave because she thinks she has a brain bleed.

She ended up fine if not a little concussed.

Anyway...some people on a safari in South Africa filmed a giraffe chasing their truck so fast that it passed them, and then stopped defiantly on a shallow stream in front of them.

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