If you really love pickles, this beer is perfect for you!

I'm not usually a big beer drinker, but I was scrolling Facebook this week and came across a beer that I just couldn't ignore. Barn Town Brewing in Des Moines revealed last week that their Pickle Tickle Beer is back!

According to Barn Town Brewing's website, Pickle Tickle (4.5% ABV) is an Iowa State Fair staple. It's described as a "crisp golden ale that has a delicious pickle finish." Here are some of the reviews from folks that have tried the beer, courtesy of Untappd:

Adrienne F. - "A beer and pickle juice! Actually so refreshing"

James L. - "Not enough of that pickle flavor"

Rebekah B. - "Oh yes, that is quite delightful. Some dill, but also oddly sweet."

Bob H. - "Salty, pickley, this hits the exact spot on a hot day at the Iowa State Fair."

If you're interested in giving Pickle Tickle a try, you'll be able to find it at The Bird's Nest at the Iowa State Fair. You can also visit Barn Town Brewing's location at 9500 SE University Ave. in West Des Moines, where you can have a glass on-tap or take home a can. One can is $4 and a 4-pack is $13.99.

Pickle Tickle isn't the only unusual beer from Barn Town Brewing. They also have a Cotton Candy Sour! The website reads, "this gluten free sour pours with a slight pink hue, which then erupts with aromas of fresh spun cotton candy." The Cotton Candy Sour is also available at The Bird's Nest, as well as JR's SouthPork Ranch at the Iowa State Fair.

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