Monday night was the season finale of "The Bachelor," which means they finally revealed who will be next season's bachelorette. Many were expecting Kaitlyn to be selected, but a huge bomb was dropped when they revealed that it will be Kaitlyn and Britt!

Needless to say, the twist is going to make for a very interesting season. But, many people are very unhappy about the decision, including an ex-"Bachelor." Sean Lowe is happily married thanks to his time on the show, and he spoke out about the decision in his blog. Lowe wrote that he and his wife think having two women compete to be the bachelorette is "degrading" and "disgusting." These are some of the reasons he gave:

  • One woman will be rejected on TV for a second time, and this will likely be in the very first episode, which means that it will be based mostly off looks.
  • "The Bachelorette" is supposed to be a show where the woman makes the decisions, and they are effectively transferring the power back over to the men.

Other past contestants on the show have also negatively spoken out about the decision on Twitter.

Personally, I wish they would've just chosen Kaitlyn. She is much more likable and real. If she is kicked off the show, I will not be watching.

What do you think about having two bachelorettes? Yay or nay?

Via People

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