Maddie Poppe of Clarksville, Iowa is making a name for herself on 'American Idol,' having made the Top 24 of the current season on ABC-TV. However, it's not her first shot on a nationally-televised music show.

Three years ago, while still in high school, Maddie appeared on NBC's 'The Voice.' None of the celebrity coaches turned their chairs around that day (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams were the ones who errored, in case you're wondering!), but Maddie says she wasn't ready then. She couldn't choose the song she sang ('Dog Days Are Over' by Florence and the Machine was assigned to her). She told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier the song wasn't a good fit:

I was a terrible singer at that song — it was not good. I’m not making excuses, I just wasn’t ready. I’ve changed so much in three years that I’m glad it didn’t work out.

Though Blake didn't turn his chair around that day, Maddie was floored to be standing in front of him. During the audition she said,

I am sorry, I just can't take this in right now, Blake Shelton is looking at me.

She would later tell KWWL,

I really always liked Blake, but I didn't think I would be so star struck by him, but I was.

Even though none of the celebrity coaches turned around during her "Blind Audition' performance that day, just getting that far was still very much against the odds. Maddie was just one of 95 people to perform for the celebrity coaches out of more than 40,000 who applied to 'The Voice.' Talent scouts for that show obviously saw what 'American Idol' has brought to the forefront now. Maddie Poppe is a star in the making.

She recently put together a video for the song, 'Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up,' the song she performed Sunday night on 'American Idol.' She clearly had a flair for performing from a very early age.

Maddie may not have been ready three years ago when she was on 'The Voice,' but she certainly appears to be now. We'll be cheering her on 'American Idol' again Sunday night as she tries to take another step toward stardom.

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