As the waters of the Cedar River continue to slowly recede, questions now turn to cleanup and a return to normalcy. What do you do with flood debris? How about sandbags that didn't even touch flood water? City leaders are trying to pass along answers.

The city has said that normal garbage pickup should resume next week. Residents in the evacuation zone may put out two additional 35-gallon bags at no charge. People are asked to put flood debris into four separate piles: one for drywall, carpet and other household debris, one for hazardous materials like paints and automotive fluids, one for appliances, and one for electronics.

Unused sandbags will NOT be collected with regular trash pickup. The city is working on getting a partner to come around and pick them up at a later date. Most other debris can be taken to the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency location on County Home Road. Hazardous materials including sandbags that DID come in contact with flood waters, appliances, TVs, computers, and tires should all be separated. The city says to expect longer than normal wait times.


[via Gazette]

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