To me, this is unfathomable. I just can't comprehend it. Here's what reportedly happened.

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A 24-year-old New Jersey man named Charles Bigsen went to the airport in Des Moines on Thursday morning, December 29, ready to board a plane back to the east coast.

Bigsen told the, "I already checked in and didn't want to miss my flight. I thought if I paid for the dog on the plane they would give her a kennel. I didn't know I had to bring my own."

So... what did Bigsen do? Authorities say he took the dog, named Stella, outside and tied her up. He then went back inside the airport, got on the plane, and flew the friendly skies to Newark, New Jersey.

I'm happy to report someone saw this beautiful dog tied up outside and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa was contacted and saved her.

Bigsen reportedly asked the person who took him to the airport to pick up the dog, for double the amount of money. When that didn't work he says he asked airport personnel if the dog could stay inside. He claims his other idea was to have a friend pick up Stella, but he couldn't get ahold of them.

I don't get on that flight without my dog. Period.

Bigsen has been charged with both animal neglect and abandonment. It probably won't surprise you that the Animal Rescue League of Iowa says he has surrendered the dog to them. It's just as well because I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let him have her back.

Stella is just one year old. Once she's been spayed and microchipped, she'll be available for adoption through the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. She already has plenty of adopters who've reached out.

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