Taylor Swift may have gone pop, but if Aaron Carter has anything to say about it, she'll come back around to country music -- and he might be joining her!

Carter stopped by our sister station 92.9 the Bull to talk about Swift's new pop album and his own career as a successful pop singer.

"It's not true. She won't quit," says Carter about Swift's transition to pop from country. "No, she'll dabble in pop and then she'll realize how good country was to her. And then she'll go back."

As for his own plans as a musician? Carter says he may consider switching genres, but not until he's a little bit older. However, he's already cut what he claims is a country album.

"I already actually recorded a whole project ... and it was actually along the lines of country stuff. It ended up not being the direction I'm going in right now -- I'm going to stick with like a little bit more of a pop lean -- but it's pretty good. And I'm actually gonna go for it," he dishes. "But I'm gonna wait until I'm, like, older to do it."

'Aaron's Party'? More like 'Aaron's Country Party!' But the real question is whether or not the 'Ooh Wee' singer can infuse some good ole' country twang into his signature pop sound.

"Oh absolutely!" he insists. "Well, I'm from the south anyway, so, like I am actually from the south. I'm actually from the southern-most point of the United States of America in the Keys."

With Swift going pop and Cater considering country, who else do you think will be a genre-hopper in the future?

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