Saturday night was prom night for at least one area high school and it was a night at least one group of students, and their parents, will never forget thanks to a stranger's kindness.

There are a couple sale/resale groups on Facebook for the Cedar Rapids area. You may recall the story about the wedding ring found after the Fire and Ice Parade in December. That story spawned partially from one of these groups. Well, the latest local random act of kindness has also come out of these groups.

According to the contributor, Saturday night a group of students were dining at Red Robin by Lindale Mall for their pre-prom feast when a gentleman approached the table and asked them what the occasion was. Imagine for a second that you're in their shoes. Here's a stranger approaching you, maybe perceived as "bothering you." What's going through your mind? "Who is this guy?" Or maybe, "leave us alone."

Then the unthinkable happened.

The man told the group, "no drinking", placed a $100 bill on the table, and walked away. Their unforgettable night truly became a night that they'll never forget thanks to someone with a big heart.

Thanks to the man for showing what "Iowa nice" and caring for strangers means.  As so many people have stated in comments on the thread, it's great to know there's still some fantastic people out there. (Apparently this also happened somewhere else to a different group of teens headed to prom on Saturday, too.)  Also, thanks to the mother, Lisa, who shared the story on social media.

As a recent recipient of an "act of kindness", moments like these touch your life and stick with you forever, if not inspire you. I hope that's what reading this has done for you, too.