It's Easter made easy! "Egg Your Yard Cedar Rapids" is a new program that will fill up and drop off Easter eggs at your house the night before the holiday. The Facebook page reads:

"So, what exactly is Egg Your Yard? If you haven’t heard of it before, no, it does not mean you chuck raw eggs at your neighbor’s windows. This kind of ‘egging’ is when you take a bunch of treat/toy filled plastic eggs, head to a house, jump out of the car, hide the eggs all over their lawn, and then hop back in the car and drive away."

50 eggs cost $40 and 100 eggs cost $75. Every 50 eggs will include two "golden eggs," which each contain a dollar. Customized Easter baskets are also an option for $35. The Facebook page says the basket will include the child's name and "age-appropriate toys." Parents can also add on a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny to their child for an additional $5.

With so many things opening back up and Iowans returning to their offices, plus all sorts of other challenging circumstances keeping us busy, this would be an easy way to make sure Easter is taken care of with as little added pressure as possible. The Facebook page says that they are only able to hide eggs in the city of Cedar Rapids, and that there are a limited number of spots, so everything has to be booked and paid for by Friday, April 2nd. They also note that they will text you to let you know when they're in your yard so you know who's out there.

To read more about Egg Your Yard Cedar Rapids, click HERE.

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