UPDATE 4/21:

In addition to the new pizza restaurant Tipsy Tomato, Epic Catering is also going to be opening two other restaurants in the same building!

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

"Siena Italiana will offer Italian lunch and dinner for carryout only, and Midtown Reserve will bring in an upscale, reservation-only steakhouse."

Siena Italiana will be carryout only, but Midtown Reserve will have its own dining room. All three restaurants will share the same kitchen.


Another new restaurant is getting ready to open in Cedar Rapids, and this one is all about pizza!

Thanks to a new Facebook page, we now know that a new business called Tipsy Tomato is set to open at the corner of 4th Ave & 7th St near the MedQuarter in Downtown Cedar Rapids in the near future. The restaurant is managed by and affiliated with Epic Catering, which runs other popular area restaurants like Midtown Station, Crosby's, Kickstand, Czech Town Station, and Tic Toc.

We don't know a whole lot about Tipsy Tomato just yet, but a representative from the restaurant did give me a little bit of information about what the menu will look like. They wrote:

"All of our pizzas will be prepared in our ceramic oven and pizzas will be offered as 14’’ size. We’ll also offer appetizers and salads (Caprese salad, bruschetta, antipasto, etc)."

Although we don't have an official opening date yet, it looks like the restaurant is getting closer to welcoming customers! Last Monday, April 4th, Tipsy Tomato posted an update on Facebook showing off their new signage, along with their covered outdoor patio. They hope to open sometime this summer.

For the latest updates from Tipsy Tomato, you can follow the official Facebook page HERE.

Another new bar/restaurant associated with Epic Catering is also set to open soon in the Downtown Cedar Rapids area! You can read all about SKO Tavern & Tacos at 203 1st Ave SE and check out some sneak peek photos HERE.

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