Another day, another silly study. Perhaps there is truth to it, but likely there is more statistical guessing and number crunching at play here than actual, you know, science. Nevertheless, everyone loves to gossip and so, I shall arm you today with our laziest towns, according to a Zippia study... or report?

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In order to determine the top 10, Zippia says,

In this particular case, we went to the latest version of the American Community Survey looking for answers

Their metric for laziest places in Iowa was measured by:

  • Lowest average hours worked
  • Shortest commute time
  • Fewest workers per household
  • Highest unemployment rate
  • Fewest adults with a college degree

Here's my issue with this "study", what about any of these make a person lazy? Some people don't work as much because they're a stay-at-home parent(s)... many Iowans still work from home, OR FARM on their own land. And, since when were folks without a college degree automatically lazy? While the unemployment rate metric may seem to hold the most water in this study, are unemployed people just automatically lazy? Again, seems odd we're calling ALL unemployment Iowans lazy people.

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Iowa has some of the hardest working people in the United States

Buuut whatever, with that in mind, our top 10 laziest towns are:

  1. Red Oak
  2. Keokuk
  3. Iowa Falls
  4. Ottumwa
  5. Burlington
  6. Fort Dodge
  7. Clarinda
  8. Winterset
  9. Anamosa
  10. Fort Madison

Do you have an opinion on any of these towns as it pertains to their work ethic? If so, I'd love to get your thoughts. I'm sure, like me, you think it's total BS.

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