If your KFC Firelog that smells like fried chicken just isn't doing it for you, another fast-food chain has come up with a way to make your home smell like food!

When it comes to Mexican fast-food options, Pancheros and Chipotle are two of the popular options here in Eastern Iowa. But, back when I lived in Michigan, QDOBA was my restaurant of choice. Unfortunately for me, the closest QDOBA location is in Davenport.

One of the reasons I love QDOBA so much is because of their queso. It is absolutely DELICIOUS. Well, QDOBA has found a way to give everyone the gift of queso this holiday season, no matter where you live. But, unfortunately... you can't eat it. I present to you the Queso Candle:

The queso-scented candle will go on sale this afternoon at 12 p.m. at theqdobashop.com. It costs $10 and only takes 3-5 business days to ship, so it will arrive in time for Christmas.

My problem with this is that if I smell queso, I'm just going to want to eat queso. Wouldn't it make more sense to just cook some queso in the crockpot so that the house smells like it AND I get to eat some? Still, I'd be interested in trying it out. If you end up ordering one, be sure to give us your review! Until then, here's a candle that'll be perfect for this time of year. Mmmmm, Christmas cookies.

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