If you love pickles, you'll probably love this pizza!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom posted a photo on Facebook that made me very hungry. It was a photo of a pizza and some cheesy breadsticks, but they didn't have your typical pizza toppings. Both items were covered in pickles! Yes, pickles. I've tried pickles on a cheeseburger pizza before, but I've never seen a whole pizza dedicated to them! Here's the photo she posted, just in case you're curious:


Now, here's where I ran into a problem. My mom lives all the way over near Detroit, Michigan, and she ordered the pizza from a place called Passport Pizza. Unfortunately, Passport Pizza is exclusive to Michigan, so I don't have the option to try it here in Iowa. That's when I decided to do a little research online.

As it turns out, there is a place right here in Cedar Rapids that serves their own pickle pizza! Remember earlier this year when we told you about the Big World Pizza Challenge? Well, the same restaurant that offers that 15-pound pizza also offers "The Big Dill."

The "Big Dill" has a ranch dressing base and is topped with cheese and dill pickles. There's no bacon on it like the one my mom ordered, but I'm sure you could add some if you really wanted to! The pie is available for $16 to $20 at Pizza World, which is located at 4201 42nd Street NE in Cedar Rapids. I absolutely LOVE pickles, so I'm going to have to order it ASAP. If you've tried it, please leave us your review in the comments!

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