Big and Rich has just released a new song, and I think it's a career record for this fun-loving duo. Tim McGraw actually recorded the song first, after begging John Rich to let him sing it.

On the first listen, I thought 'that's a smash.' And just in time for their appearance this summer at the Great Jones County Fair with Thomas Rhett. It's called 'California,' and will be part of a new album called 'Did It For the Party.'

Tim McGraw first recorded the song for his 2015 album, 'Damn Country Music.' He explains how that came about.

Tim actually was able to enlist Big and Rich to sing with him on the song. Here's his version, which was never released as a single.

Flip on 98.1 KHAK to take quick three-minute trips to California with this great new Big and Rich song. I can't wait to hear it live this summer in Monticello.

[via The Boot]

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