UPDATE [Tuesday 7:15 pm]

We are very sorry to report the niece of Paul Block Jr. says "my uncle has been found, unfortunately we didn’t get the outcome we had hoped for. Our hearts are shattered. Please send love and prayers to my family as we come to terms with the loss of one of the most amazing men this earth could have ever been blessed with."

[ORIGINAL STORY] Authorities, and the family of a Buchanan County man, are asking for the public's help locating him.

According to the sister of Paul Block, Jr., the 53-year-old man from Jesup hasn't been seen or heard from for four days.

Block's sister says last Friday, March 18 was the last time he was seen. A bank transaction was completed on his account in Waterloo Saturday morning at approximately 9 a.m., but there has been no activity since that time. He wasn't at work Monday which she says is "NOT like him at all!" The family believes his cellphone has been turned off or the battery has died, because it goes directly to voicemail.

Block is described as 6-foot 2-inches tall and approximately 190 pounds with brown eyes and brown and gray hair. He often wears a baseball cap. Block drives a gray GMC Sierra pickup. His family believes it's a 2009. It has DNR license plate NA 048.

Amy Dollash
Amy Dollash

Block reportedly told his girlfriend that he was going to a swap meet Friday night and was then going to visit a friend in Masonville, in Delaware County. The friend says he never arrived there.

Anyone who has any information about Block should contact the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office at (319) 334-2567.

Amy Dollash
Amy Dollash
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