When I was younger and having family dinner, I remember us having conversations about what we'd do if we ever won an insane amount of money. My family would go around the room and say what we'd do with the money and it would almost put us in a dream-like state.


All of the trips we talked about, the things we'd do, the family we'd give it to...  We all felt really rich for about 5 minutes, then reality hit and we knew it was back to our normal lives. For 5 Iowans, they almost got to live out that dream.

Unsplash - Dylan Nolte
Unsplash - Dylan Nolte

Earlier this week there were multiple Mega Millions tickets sold in Iowa that were about as close as you could get to winning a share of the prize money. 5 of these Iowa lottery tickets were 1 number off. According to KCCI, the numbers that were drawn on July 27th almost won it. I wouldn't mind splitting 1.337 billion dollars with a few people.

Talk about something that would keep you up at night. Being 1 number away from (hopefully) never worrying about money for the rest of your life. It's not all bad for the individuals who purchased these tickets. They still took home some money and one player won 2 million dollars.

KCCI reports there was a ticket sold at a Big 10 Mart in Bettendorf that matched all 5 of the white balls and this player did add on the Megaplier, which had that person winning 2 million dollars. Tough to complain about that!

Four other tickets had 4 matching white balls and the Mega Ball, which took home $10,000. Again, can't really complain, but to be so close to having one-sixth of the 1.337 billion dollars would've won about two hundred twenty-one million dollars. Those other 4 tickets were sold in Manchester, Newton, Storm Lake, and Mount Pleasant, according to KCCI.

If you're unaware the 1.337 billion dollars was won by someone in Illinois and the next Mega Million jackpot is estimated to be around 36 million dollars, according to Iowa Lottery. The numbers were drawn yesterday and you can find them at Iowa Lottery.

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