At a certain point, a moment of "Iowa nice" goes beyond that and just becomes a matter of doing the right thing, and a Hawkeye football player went viral for multi-tasking at both this week.

Iowa linebacker Zach Twedt encountered the woman above, Tina Gunn, on her way back from her son's track meet. On I-35 near Story City, on her way back to Nebraska from Minnesota, she needed a tire change, and Twedt was en route to Iowa City for football practice. This tough dude admitted to being a "little scared" as he got out of his car with others driving by, but according to KCRG, via KCCI, he did what he knew he needed to, and helped out this stranger in a bind. Gunn was moved by the gesture, which Twedt was able to complete in about 10 minutes.

This guy wasn’t threatened by somebody like me or by my kids that were in the car,” Gunn said. “He wanted to help us out of the goodness of his heart


"In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your status is in society, no one is too good to help someone else out,” Twedt said. “So I feel like that will be step number one in making the world a better place.”

In her Tweet, Gunn said, "may God reward him for his kindness today." We're certain God will reward Twedt, but we're also sure a return to business as usual on the practice field was in order after some well-deserved high-fives in the locker room.

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