Brothers Chase and Clint Flack had run together for the entire race when they participated in the DAM to DSM event on Saturday. After they sprinted to the finish Clint turned to look for his brother, but Chase wasn't there.

26-year-old Chase Flack collapsed a quarter of a block before the finish line and died at the finish of Saturday's 12.4-mile race. His father, Craig Flack, said that his son was "a fighter, a tough kid." And that he always did everything "120 percent."

The Flack family is from Jefferson, Iowa. Chase was involved in sports from an early age. He was also a bit of a daredevil. He started riding dirt bikes at the age of four. Then he moved on to four-wheelers and doing stunts. Along with riding everything with four wheels, Chase and his brother Clint both wrestled in high school and were state qualifiers. They total over 200 wins combined.

Chase's sense of adventure continued up to his death. Just two weeks ago he and his girlfriend climbed Mt. Everest. He returned from his trip to the mountain's base camp just two weeks before running in this weekend's race. Medical personnel are interested in learning what types of medication Chase took while on the trip, and whether it may have played a role in his death.

An autopsy is scheduled for today.

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