What's cuter than dogs in Halloween costumes?!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to host another Dog-O-Ween at the NE-side Theisen's here in Cedar Rapids. After a year with no Dog-O-Ween, I was incredibly excited to be back! There were over 40 competitors yesterday afternoon, which made for a tough competition.

If you're not familiar with Dog-O-Ween, it's an annual event put on by select Theisen's stores where dogs and their owners compete in a fun costume contest for the chance to win prizes. It's $10 to enter each dog, and all the money benefits a local charity. In our case, it was the Cedar Valley Humane Society. I was the host of the event, and the panel of judges were all members of a high school Key Club here in Cedar Rapids.

There are two categories to compete in at Dog-O-Ween. The first is the dog-only competition, and the second is the dog and companion competition, where humans are welcome to get dressed up with their pups. After a long deliberation, here are the six winners from yesterday:

Dog-Only Competition

  1. Zoe the Yorkie: Claw Machine Prize
  2. Morty the Dachshund: Where's Waldo?
  3. Cocopuff the Pom-Chi: Race Car Driver

Dog + Companion Competition

  1. Willow the Aussie-Doodle: Fallen Derecho Tree & Chain Saw Operator
  2. Ozzy the Golden Doodle: Lion & Circus People
  3. Bailey the Cavapoo: Loofa & Lady in the Bath

Here are photos of all the winners, plus other adorable dogs that we got to meet yesterday!

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