Sure, taking home a trophy for your artistry is great, but making it onto the Best Dressed list at the 2018 CMA Awards is really proof you've won out over some stiff competition. This year's lineup features one stunning gown after another — looks both classy and edgy, simple and elaborate. And don't forget about the guys, who were no slouches this year. These men took their duds seriously.

Which star showed some skin with a slinky, glittery gown? Which singers were pretty in pink, and who sported a spotless white dress? Which couples stood out enough to get themselves both on the list? Might a certain storyteller and soon-to-be mama of two have taken the gold? While everyone wants to be a standout on the red carpet, these ladies and gents took it to another level.

Here Are the Best Dressed Stars at the 2018 CMA Awards: 

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