If you're interested in living life like you're in the prequel to the hit series 'Yellowstone' then Iowa might be the place for you.

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Are we even supposed to be shocked by this study?

I came across this recent survey done by Lawn Love. The site ranked all 50 states based solely off of their suitability for the people their to live life like a "pioneer woman."

In these states, If you're interested in being the next pioneer woman, farming, or just want to live off the grid, these places are probably your go-to.

These rankings were decided based off of several factors. They include the following categories: most-off grid lifestyle-friendly, least off-grid lifestyle-friendly, most farming and ranching-friendly, least farming and ranching-friendly, highest share of farms with female head farmer, and lowest share of farms with female head farmer.

Iowa obviously ranks pretty high up there thanks to all of the beautiful farmland we've got here!

Here are the best states to live in (or move to) if you want to live like it's 1883!

10 Best States for Pioneer Women

1. Texas

2. Oklahoma

3. Iowa

4. Montana

5. Wyoming

6. Oregon

7. New Mexico

8. Colorado

9. Kansas

10. Washington

5 Worst States for Pioneer Women

1. Pennsylvania

2. Indiana

3. New Jersey

4. Nevada

5. Rhode Island

My homestate of Pennsylvania comes in at number one for one of the worst states to live in if you want to live life like a character straight out of 'Little House on the Prairie.'

Iowa on the other hand swings in the complete opposite direction. This study puts Iowa as one of the very best places to live if you are interested in living as a pioneer woman.

Are we that shocked though? Coming in third in this nationwide survey just proves that Iowans really know how to get stuff done and live sustainably!

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