The Humane Society has posted a list of the 100 worst puppy mills in the US and Iowa has a whopping 17 on the list! That makes Iowa the second-worst state for puppy mills right behind Missouri.

The Last Hope Animal Rescue shared on their Facebook page what people can do to help. "Contact your legislators and ask for changes to the laws, encourage family and friends to rescue rather than purchase a puppy either from a breeder or a pet store, and educate yourself and those around you."

This is the 10th annual report the Humaine Society has made on problem puppy breeders and dealers in the United States.

"It is not a list of all puppy mills, nor is it a list of the worst puppy mills in the country, but rather a list of dog breeders to avoid," said the Humane Society website.

Missouri was found to be the state with the most problematic puppy breeders totaling 26 dealers. Iowa came in 2nd with 17 problematic dealers.

Just a few of the issues with the dealers include:

  • Failing to give dogs food or water
  • Failing to give the dogs appropriate living spaces
  • Failing to help diseased dogs
  • Failure to treat dogs with open wounds

Those were only a small portion of the problems found among the dog breeders in Iowa. To read more in detail about the horrible hundred dealers click here: The Horrible Hundred 2022.

dogs locked up victims of animal abuse and abuse
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In the comment section of the Facebook post made by Last Hope Animal Rescue, a couple Q&A's took place.

User Marie Appel asked, What makes a breeder or kennel appear on the list as 'one of the worst puppy Mills in the US'? To which Last Hope Animal Rescue replied, The horrible conditions the dogs are living in, not passing inspections or not allowing inspections, not adhering to the few laws that govern breeders, etc. Here is more info: HumaneSociety.orgThe Horrible Hundred 2022.

Kelly Breckenfelder Loesche asked: What happens to those animals if no one buys them from the breeders? How do they get rescued? Last Hope Animal Rescue responded: Dog rescues often step in and buy the ones that survive.

"The information in the bad dog breeders list demonstrates the scope of the puppy mill problem in America today, with specific examples of the types of violations that researchers have found at such facilities, for the purposes of warning consumers about the inhumane conditions that so many puppy buyers inadvertently support," said the Humane Society.

Check the list to make sure you are not supporting these bad breeders.

See the Horrible Hundred list here: The Horrible Hundred 2022

Visit the Humane Society Website

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