A new study found that young people spend more money going out to eat than any other age group, and it all has to do with cooking skills.

According to the study, the average 16 to 24-year-old spends about $97.48 on food every week, while the average person over 24 spends $87.73. The study also found that the younger group spends $30.02 a week on takeout, while the older group only spends $17.31.

This has a lot to do with the fact that people 16 to 24 are not great at cooking. They only know how to make 4 recipes, while people over 24 know an average of 6. 1/3 of people over 24 cook from scratch everyday, while only 17% of the younger group does.

I'm not going to lie, I am definitely one of these young people that spends too much going out to eat. And I can tell you that I KNOW I spend more than $30 a week doing it. Although I'm slowly getting better at cooking and trying out new recipes, I still spend a ton of money on food that I don't have to prepare or cook. It requires very little effort and it takes much less time. I've recently found that crockpot recipes are the key to cooking success. Take a bunch of fresh ingredients,.toss them in a crockpot, wait 4 hours, and BOOM! Delicious homemade food. I've made 2 different recipes just this past week using my crockpot and they were fantastic!

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