The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that a 14 year old boy from Ely, who was originally charged in juvenile court was waived to adult court this week, and charged with the armed robbery of a liquor store.

The Gazette reports that Treyton Spies has been charged with first degree robbery. He is accused of pointing a handgun at a cashier at the Point Liquor and Tobacco Store on Center Point Road NE on September 30th. According to the criminal complaint, Spies pointed the loaded gun and demanded cash from the employee. The Gazette says that Spies admitted to police officials that he planned the robbery with an accomplice, 28 year old Dekheary Steele. According to court documents, Spies was armed with a Springfield XD 9 mm handgun. Spies fled from the store and got into a vehicle that Steele was driving.

Steele has also been charged with first degree robbery, conspiracy to commit a forcible felony, and carrying weapons. The Gazette reports that Spies will be prosecuted as a youthful offender due to his age. If convicted, he would most likely be sent to a state training school or another juvenile facility until he turns 18. At that time, he would return to court and a judge could sentence him to the 25 year prison term, give him probation, or discharge him. That decision will be based on how well Spies behaves at the juvenile facility.

Spies remains under $50,000 cash bail at the Linn County Juvenile Detention Center pending his trial.

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