Today is National Pets Day! So it's the perfect time to tell you about an Iowa boy who loves to pet your pets.

Gideon Kidd, a 10-year-old Cedar Falls native, is getting a lot of attention for his animal-loving Twitter page. Iowa Public Radio reports that about a year ago Gideon and his mother Rachel Braunigan launched the Twitter account @IvePetThatDog. The page showcases Gideon petting dogs that he meets while out and about.

Clearly, there are a lot dog-lovers out there who love seeing the different dogs Gideon gets to meet because the page has over 215,000 followers! Not to mention that nice little, blue verification check mark next to the handle.

We need more pages like this in our lives. Keep on doing what you're doing Gideon, we (and the dogs) love it!

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