Waiting in line at the DMV is probably at the top of the list of things that you absolutely hate doing.

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The number of times I've had to go to an Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles office over the past year is ASTRONOMICAL. I have a tendency to lose my ID after traveling or if I'm switching out purses/wallets, so I have become rather well acquainted with Iowa DMV offices.

Sometimes going to a DMV just isn't doable. Maybe you can't miss work, or there are major life events that you CANNOT miss, or you could possibly be traveling out of state.

The national average wait time at the DMV is approximately 44 minutes, according to reports. While you will have to pay a visit to an Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles to replace a lost driver's license, there are some things that you can get squared away without having to set foot in an Iowa DMV's office.

So, before you make an appointment, make sure to double check and see if you HAVE to go into the office. You can save yourself some time and some stress by double checking with the Iowa DMV.



Here are ten of those issues that you can get handled without actually going to the DMV here in Iowa:

  • Renew your driver's license/ ID
  • Renew your CDL (Commercial Driver's License)
  • Order a new horizontal card (after turning 21)
  • Order personalized plates
  • View or purchase driving records
  • Add emergency contacts
  • Register to vote
  • Pay civil penalties
  • Changing your mailing address
  • View reinstatement requirements

For inquiries on these issues, make sure to check out the Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles website.

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