It's now been more than three weeks since three teenagers where shot outside Des Moines East High School. During that time, the investigation has continued and more people have now been charged. We also have an update on the number of weapons used and shots fired in the deadly incident.

The Des Moines Police Department (responding to the March 7 shooting in the photo above) has announced the arrest of four more teenagers, three of them minors. They all have been charged with First-Degree Murder along with two counts of attempted murder, according to the Des Moines Register.

A total of 10 people have now been charged with First-Degree Murder in the drive-by shooting death of 15-year-old Jose D. Lopez at approximately 3 p.m. on Monday, March 7. Nine of the ten people charged are minors.

In addition to Lopez, who wasn't a student at Des Moines East and has been identified as the target in the shooting, two others were injured. 18-year-old Kemery Ortega and 16-year-old Jessica Lopez were both shot in the head. Ortega was transferred from a Des Moines hospital to a rehab center early last week. Jessica Lopez remains hospitalized. Her mother, Guadalupe Torres, told the Des Moines Register earlier this month that doctors have told her that Jessica suffered injuries and brain damage with "life-long consequences."

The Des Moines Police Department says they recovered a total of 42 shell casings from the scene outside Des Moines East High School. Their investigation determined the shots came from three different vehicles, and a total of six weapons.

Below are the names and ages of those charged in the case. All 10 are from Des Moines and have been charged with First-Degree Murder and Attempted Murder. John Sarcone, Polk County Attorney, has said that all suspects 16 and older will be charged as adults:

  • Manuel Buezo (16)
  • Nyang Chamdual (14)
  • Braulio Hernandez-Salas (17)
  • Daniel Hernandez (17)
  • Kevin Isidro Martinez (16)
  • Octavio Lopez (17)
  • Gumaro Marquez-Jacobo (18)
  • Alex Perdomo (15)
  • Romero Perdomo (16)
  • Henry Valladares-Amaya (17)

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