Last night's Mega Millions drawing was worth $229 million. The bad news is, nobody won the jackpot. However, a $1 million ticket was purchased in Iowa.

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The Iowa Lottery reports that a $1 million ticket for Tuesday night's drawing was purchased at QuikTrip on SE 14th Street in Des Moines. The ticket was just one number away from winning that whopping $229 million jackpot.

Only three $1 million tickets for Tuesday night's drawing were sold in the U.S. The other two were purchased in California and North Carolina. Whoever bought the $1 million ticket in Iowa has 365 days to claim the cash at the Iowa Lottery Headquarters in Clive.

Tuesday night's Mega Millions numbers were 1-7-23-38-55. The Mega Ball was 2 and the Megaplier number was 3.

Friday's jackpot climbs to $254 million, or a lump sum of $133.7 million.

Former Iowa Convenience Store Manager Accused with Purchasing Lottery Ticket After He Knew It Was a Winner

Iowa Capital Dispatch says a former Casey's store manager who was fired has been denied unemployment benefits because of fraud they say he committed while employed with the company.

Aaron McVicker of Dubuque worked at Casey's in November when he allegedly purchased a Powerball ticket worth $100,000 only after learning it was a winner.

Video footage showed the ticket being purchased on November 7. After being regarded as a "mistake ticket" it was laid aside. It wasn't until the next day that a store employee scanned the ticket and determined it was a winner. That's when the employee reportedly contacted McVicker, who allegedly went into the store and bought it.

When McVicker's story to Casey's didn't add up, he was fired. His unemployment benefits were denied. In her ruling, Administrative Law Judge Stephanie Adkisson said, "not only did he lie to employer multiple times during the investigation, but he also purchased the ticket only after confirming it was a winning ticket. As a store manager, (he) was held to a higher standard than other employees.”

A $100,000 ticket sold at the Casey's store on Asbury Road in Dubuque for the November 7, 2022 drawing has never been presented for payment.

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