If you have a senior in high school as I do, you have potential colleges on your mind already. You also have dollar signs dancing around too with most schools costing between $23,000 to $50,000 a year or more to attend. The folks at Wallethub have done much of the work for you as they present their 2023 rankings of the Best Colleges and Universities.

First of all, there are few surprises when it comes to the best schools in the nation. Familiar names like MIT, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. But what are the top 10 colleges here in Iowa? According to Wallethub, they include,

  1. Grinnell College
  2. Drake University
  3. Luther College
  4. University of Iowa
  5. Central College
  6. Iowa State University
  7. Northwestern College
  8. St. Ambrose University
  9. Simpson College
  10. University of Northern Iowa

So how exactly was this list compiled? Wallethub used many different factors to rank the school's admission rate, student-faculty ratio, on-campus crime, and graduation rate.

YouTube via Wallethub
YouTube via Wallethub

Grinnell College was not only ranked the #1 college in the state of Iowa, but it came in at #31 in the entire nation. Wallethub looked at over 900 schools when it came up with their rankings. Grinnell ranked very high in a number of different metrics including,

  • 1st in admission rate
  • 2nd student-faculty ratio
  • 6th on-campus crime rate
  • 1st in graduation rate
  • 2nd in post-graduation median salary

The Midwest also fared well notching 8 colleges and universities in the top 30 nationwide. As students, including the ones in my home, start thinking about where they want to go to school, this list could be an important tool in finding the right school for them!

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