We've all thought about what we would do if won a pile of money. This month we've been giving away $1000 twice a day on the air and you also have a chance to win $10,000 by registering online. If you had an extra $1000 in your pocket what would it be? Pay off your credit cards? Make several car payments? Re-do a room in the house? What if I challenged you to “Pay It Forward” and donate the money to one (or more) local charities?

Threw you for a loop there didn't I? Think about it though – the donations would be tax deductible and you would be helping others who might not otherwise have that money. Here are some local charities that I came up with that you could “Pay It Forward” to if you won $1000.

Those are just a small sampling of the non-profits in the Cedar Rapids area that you could “Pay It Forward” to if you won $1000. There are literally HUNDREDS of organizations. Pick one, two, or three near to your heart and make a difference! Winning $1000 feels good...GIVING feels even better!

What are some other local charities you would donate to?