I had heard of geocaching before this week, but I had never taken part before.  But my son saw an advertisement on TV for a geocaching challenge that Linn County Parks and Recreation is holding this summer.  He asked if we could get involved, and before I knew it, we were diving into the world of geocaching.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which people use GPS to find and hide containers, or caches, in remote locations.  These caches are hidden all over the world.  Some contain prizes, or the chance to leave or trade items.  It's like a little treasure hunt in your own backyard.  Chase was hooked.  So we downloaded an app for my smartphone, and located several caches in Marion.  We followed the directions and a little while later....our first find!

Ryan Brainard

We have just entered the world of geocaching, and are looking forward to more finds soon!  For more information on geocaching and to download the official app for yourself, click HERE!