Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I sang in chorus, played in band, even earned a music scholarship to college.  It's a big reason why I gravitated towards radio too.  I got to be around music.  All the time.  New music, old classics and everything in between.  It's what still drives a large portion of my passion for radio to this day.

Why?  The same reasons that you love music.  It takes you places.  It makes you feel.  Sadness, joy, hope and other emotions too numerous to mention.  That leads me to one of my favorite parts of music and radio.  It's when artists release new singles to radio, especially when the album that single will be on isn't out yet.  Take Eric Church.  His second single off his yet to be released album The Outsiders, is called Give Me Back My Hometown.  It's vintage Church.  Well sung, slickly produced and destined to be a hit, much in the same vain as his past hit Springsteen.  When songs like this come out, they excite me, and confirm why I love country music.

While I love doing the morning show, entertaining people, and just talking in general, radio to me will always be about The Music.  It's what moves us.  You the listeners, and the people behind the microphone too.