I'm almost certain it's a question that all kids ask their parents at some point.  "Dad, when will there be flying cars?"  I remember asking my dad that question.  My son has aksed me several times.   As a child, you always think that the future will see amazing inventions become a reality.  I'm still waiting for my flying car, but it might become a reality for my son.

Massachusetts-based Terrafugia is producing a car/plane called the Transition.  It's a flying car that at 19 feet long will fit inside a standard garage once it's 27 foot wings are folded.  The price tag?  $280,000.  The vehicle is still in developmental stages, and hasn't cleared all federal regulations yet, but they're getting closer.

So, in the not so distant future, you might just have to have your driver's AND pilot's license to drive to work!  At least now I've got an answer when one of my kids asks about flying cars.  The future will be here before you know it!