My wife and I have a couple of traditions that we do every single 4th of July.  One of them may not as traditional as you think...and one definitely is.

The first thing we do, we see all over the nieghborhood and city - we put out our American Flag.  We usually do this that morning and take it down that evening (weather permitting).

The second thing we do is close the windows.  Now, I know this may seem add (and a tough thing to do with year with the nice, pleasant weather predicted).  But our dog Chilli (and most dogs) get jittery and do NOT like the sound of fireworks.  Our house is nowhere near downtown, but the neighbors that insist on shooting off fireworks in the backyard for hours after the dark, really freak Chilli out.  So closed windows and cranking the air conditioning help to deaden the noise!

What's ONE this you do every year for the 4th of July?