It's the week of vacation and you are definitely in "vacation mode."  You know, that mode you get into where you feel like doing no work, nothing around the house that isn't vacation related?  My wife was hard core into that mode last night.  We had the windows open and were sitting in the living room, eating dinner, and talking about our upcoming vacation. happened.  The neighbor kids playing on the swing set out back started screaming about something and then their dog started barking.  It was a mild flare up of chaos, but it set my usually mild mannered wife into "vacation mode overdrive."  She got up and said (rather loudly), "see what I mean, WE JUST NEED TO GET AWAY!"  And with that very last word "away", a car alarm down the street started going off and that set off the pack of dogs that live at a house behind our neighbor across the road into a barking frenzy. I couldn't hold back my laughter.  Yep....we're ready.