Man it was COLD!!!!  A GREAT Weekend for Football in the State of Iowa.  Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, and the High School Football Championships all were held.  Hard to believe that Football Season is almost over with and Basketball is under way.  Should be a Great Year for Basketball in Our State.

Saturday in Iowa City was COLD, no doubt about it!!!  3 layers of pants on and 4 layers of various shirts helped us get thru the game at Kinnick.  I had bought a large soda at the beginning of the game and by the 3rd Quarter, it had frozen over… YES, Frozen Over!!!!  Thankfully the game was held during the daytime so we could at least enjoy some sunshine as the Hawkeyes took care of MEEECHIGAN.  As you can see, everyone had their own way of staying warm.  Hanging out with Nile and the Gorilla (I think he fell asleep).

Iowa State… OH MY GOSH!!!   What in the world were the Big 12 Officials thinking when they moved this game from a 2:30 kickoff to a 7PM kickoff…  Nov 23rd in AMES???  I had some friends that went to Ames and were sliding down the grassy hill in the corner of the endzone during the Cyclones rout of the Kansas Jayhawks.

One more week of the regular season… Stay Warm My Friends!!!