I HATE to be the bearer of bad news, but we do this every year, so you should be used to it by now..

Every year at the begining of another school year, Beloit College in Wisconsin comes out with their annual "Mindset List."  It kind of puts things into perspective as far as college freshmen are concerned.  Oh yeah, and it makes those of us who are years removed from college feel EXTREMELY old.  Well, hang on...here we go:

This year's college freshmen class:

1. Were just starting kindergarten when 9/11 happened.

2. They have never known life without The Daily Show With John Stewart. (He started in 1999 - when they were 3.)

3.  They've never known life with the WNBA.

4.  They've never used Netscape as a computer browser.

See the entire lists by clicking HERE and impressive your friends at the water cooler this morning!