People react to stressful situations in different ways.  Last night was one of those times and it was between my wife and I.  We were both sound asleep when the tornado sirens went off as the storms were pounding down the door of Linn County.  Misty woke me up and said, "are those sirens?"  I said "yep" and turned on the TV in the bedroom.  We laid there watching the storm coverage and it wasn't until they said there was "rotation in the clouds" about a mile from our house that I said "let's go."  We headed to the basement.

We got to the basement, woke up Chilli (our bulldog), and turned on the TV to continue watching and that's when my wife noticed.  Before she headed downstairs, she put on a pair of sweatpants, a different shirt, her slippers and her wedding ring.  She even grabbed her purse on the way downstairs.  As she looked at me she said, "you're not wearing ANY pants at all are you?"  I replied, ""  And then she asked, "and what are you eating?"  I said, "these mini-chocolate chunk cookies I bought at the store today...want some?"  Yes...I stopped off to grab cookies on my way down to safety.  Like I said, people react to stressful situations in different ways.