Garth Brooks has a press conference scheduled for 11 o'clock (Iowa time) tomorrow morning.  What will he announce?  It's beginning to look like there may be several things announced.

  1. Garth is a classy guy and I find it hard to believe he won't discuss or make a statement on what happened in Ireland over the past week. 
  2. Sony Music Nashville has announced they too are having a press conference at 11 tomorrow morning.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Garth has released most of his material to date under Capitol Nashville, Liberty Records, and most recently his own Pearl Records.  Is he about to be added to the artist roster of one of the many labels under Sony Music Nashville?
  3. If Garth is indeed going to Sony, would they take him on without a commitment to make his new music available via iTunes?  It seems unlikely, but Garth Brooks isn't your regular record label signee either.
  4. Will Garth announce World Tour dates?  His youngest daughter graduated from high school a couple months ago and he did say late last year that he's was going on a World Tour in 2014.  Times a wastin'.

Whatever he announces tomorrow morning, knowing Garth, it will be big.  Watch tomorrow's press conference live (11am Thursday) here.