They always say that when a pitcher is pitching a no-hitter, you shouldn't talk about the no-hitter or you'll jinx the pitcher. The same goes for radio show hosts and their sick day streaks. In my last blog, I talked about how I had to take a sick day for my bronchitis – thus ending 55 months of not being sick. That was Monday. I came to work Tuesday and Wednesday and then yesterday, my (not impressive at all) two day streak ended.

I had surgery on my right eye Wednesday afternoon. I had a partial tear of my retina and it had to be reattached or I faced the fact that I could lose the sight in that eye for good. The doctors here in Cedar Rapids and the surgeons the UIHC in Iowa City that repaired my eye deserve all the credit in the world. They moved quickly and brilliantly and here, 2 days after the surgery I am back to work. To them it was what they do on a daily basis. To me, it's nothing short of a miracle. And no, I will never discuss ANY streak I have going...ever again!