So I upset my wife right before bed last night...again.  Let me backup a second and say that "upsetting my wife" is not really accurate.  Misty doesn't get upset at much and is extremely "go with the flow."  That's one of the reasons I married her.  But she has this competition going between us where she always tries to beat me to the punch on breaking news items - mostly sports or entertainment headlines.  If she thinks she has "scoop", she'll say "hey....did you know...blah blah blah."  Because part of my job is to remain informed on things, a lot of the time I have already read or heard about what she is trying to tell me.  After she tells me, she'll ask - "did you know that?"  I won't lie to her.  If I knew I'll say "yeah...sorry" and if I didn't I'll say " got me on that one."  She usually gets a big grin and sometimes even says "ha!  got ya on THAT one!"

So back to last night.  We were laying in bed, the lights were about to be turned off, and she says (while looking on her smartphone one last time), "Awww...the professor from Gilligan's Island died."  I responded, "Russell Johnson (the actor's name who played the professor) died?  That's too bad...he had to be pushing 90."  And  with that the lights went out, she rolled away from me, called me a "freak of nature", and we said good night.

I just can't wait for this afternoon when she asks me about "Rueben" from The Partridge Family.